Mayonnaise Productions is a boutique television production company based in Denver, Colorado.  We specialize in compelling reality, documentary, and narrative television content.  With a successful track record in all phases of the creative process – from conceptualization, to post production, to broadcast and syndication -- our passion is to create television content that is compelling, entertaining, and emotionally engaging.

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Reality TV is by far the youngest genre of television programming.  It is also evolving the fastest, and we are at the forefront of that evolution.  The audience is increasingly demanding, and the forced and poorly-written “real” storylines that were a mainstay just a few years ago simply won’t cut it in today’s television viewing climate.  Plausibility of storylines, character development, and emotional impact all need to be carefully considered and expertly interwoven to create compelling reality TV content.  Not only do we recognize and understand these nuances, we have also pioneered and implemented proprietary techniques to ensure that our shows stand out in a competitive marketplace.

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“Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn’t.”

                                                                                -Mark Twain


Well-crafted documentary television programming should be just as compelling and entertaining as narrative programming.  The key to accomplishing this goal is to use the same tools when producing documentary content as when producing narrative content, such as character development, linear vs. non-linear storytelling, POV selection, etc.  When done well, a documentary will keep the audience on the edge of their seat until the very end, even if they already know what is going to happen.

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We are a culture of many voices.  The diverse backgrounds of our management team ensure that we are able to keep our casting and content in harmony with current social values in a way that is organic and not forced.  We are not only aware of our responsibility to our viewers, but we embrace it, and this sense of responsibility will always be reflected in our narrative television content.


Check out our current lineup of shows and, see what we have in development.  Or, feel free to contact us with any feedback or questions.