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In the series, the Huwas’ — Brent, his wife Tonya, brothers Tyrun and Corey, father Rich, the rest of the Huwa crew, and their extended “family” from their Keenesburg, Colorado community and numerous businesses — combine their faith, and entrepreneurial spirit, to build a strong, growing team, who protect and save the landscape.

The series is about big equipment, tough terrain, bucking bulls, mother nature, and extreme deadlines that keep them on their toes. Stakes are high, and there is no room for error! Still, they make safety a priority, take time to appreciate each other and enjoy life, and live as modern-day ambassadors for strong, American values. Where the Huwas come from, family is about more than blood — it’s about having each other’s backs and sharing values.

Executive producers:  Brent Huwa, Michael LaBroad

Showrunner:  Elgin Cahill

Producers:  Seth Lamos, Elgin Cahill